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When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Peru?

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For people who would like to taste what Peru can offer, there are some things to consider before travelling. These factors are peak season, health reasons, fauna, festivities and celebrations, and climate. Peru is a cool country with good climate all year around. The country is found in the western part of South America. It is bounded by Bolivia and Brazil to the east, Colombia and Ecuador to the north and Chile to the south. The official language is Spanish but majority of youths understand English very well. Peru is rich in wildlife variety. The culture is also rich in traditional festivals, music …..

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Places to See

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Inca Trail, in Peru is considered one of the best hiking trails in the world. The trail covers about 26 miles and takes you through a lush forest, mountain, and subtropical jungle. It is ideal for travelers who want to explore Peru’s culture and take on a challenging hike. The trail was rediscovered more than a century ago. It leads to Macchu Picchu, the lost Inca city. According to history experts, the Inca Trail was used by the Incas, an advanced South American society, to get to Macchu Picchu. Trekking along the trail was considered a sacred pilgrimage. Macchu Picchu is now one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. This city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are other ways to get to Macchu Picchu but the Inca Trail offers the most scenic option.

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